Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sgt, Janus Replies #4

Ralph L. Angelo Jr. asks:

“At what age did you realize you had an affinity for the supernatural?”

Sgt. Janus replies:

“It is well-known and stringently documented that children and animals possess a high-degree of sensitivity to the Unknown. I first encountered a spirit at the tender age of eight-years-old when a tutor of mine – my parents insisted on private schooling though I would have preferred to be among more of my youthful peers – one day sat me down and explained in no uncertain terms that he was deceased and had been for at least twenty years.

“An event such as that is bound to either break a person or set them on a path towards their destiny. For me, it was a revelation, not only of how dull my senses were at the time, but also in the nature of the Universe and God’s unfathomable mysteries. I sent the poor gentlemen on his way, another first for me, and my parents began to look for another math tutor - REJ”


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  1. Considering the nature of your work, have you put aside the idea of a normal life; the love of a good women, children etc.?

  2. Sgt, I have to ask, didn't your parents know you had a shade as a tutor? Did they percieve him as well?