Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sgt. Janus Replies #2

Bob Kennedy asks:

"As a retired U.S. Army Engineer, I am curious to know in what branch of the military you served, and your job specialty."

Sgt. Janus replies:

“Robert, that is a valid question, but as loathe as I am to disappoint a fellow veteran I will be able to tell you precious little of my service. You see, the file on my entire military career has been sealed for the past several years and is accessible only by those at the highest levels of the service and the government. I myself am bound by law to not divulge any details that may be found in it, including those of which you inquire.

“Above and beyond that, the final days of my service were marked by personal tragedy, a private matter of which I am sure you would understand and sympathize with my reluctance to speak of it. Suffice to say that I was given an honorable discharge and I look back on the bulk of my service with honor and pride. I also hold no ill will towards any of my fellows or superiors. If you wish to pursue the question further, though I beg of you not to, you may contact Col. Drew Montaine at Fort Temper and address the matter to him. Perhaps, as a former military man yourself, he may be able to offer you that which I cannot – REJ”

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  1. Question #3 Who is the beautiful lady who greets and weleocmes guest to Janus House?