Sunday, March 9, 2014

Brunner For Sale

I've been informed that Zach Brunner, multi-talented artist on SGT. JANUS RETURNS, is offering prints of all the interior illustrations for sale.

Prints are black and white, 11x17, and you may choose from any of the eight pieces from the book. Cost is $50 US each, and that includes shipping.

Drop Zach an email here:

I have one myself and its GORGEOUS at that large size!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Spirit-Breaker (or Three) in Your Future

More than a month after its release, SGT JANUS RETURNS seems to be going over well with readers, which please me to no end and turns my thoughts to the good sergeant’s future. Here’s a little about what Spirit-Breaker fans can expect from the next few Janus projects.

Following SGT. JANUS SPIRIT-BREAKER and SGT. JANUS RETURNS, the third volume will be entitled SGT. JANUS ON THE DARK TRACK. With Roman Janus back in the saddle again, he’s eager to get back out in the world and revive his chosen profession: eliminating ghosts. But, in the middle of a long journey, he gets a bit more than he bargained for when a cunning, willful spirit materializes and forces the sergeant to seek a path that will surprise and shock even him. The third book will return to the multiple-narrator style of the first volume, but with its own twist. If all goes well, SGT. JANUS ON THE DARK TRACK may be out by the end of 2014.

Because the future is always in motion and no one, not even myself, can be assured that Janus will survive that adventure, the fourth volume will take a look back into the sergeant’s formative days. SGT. JANUS: THE GHOST OF A YEAR follows a young Roman Janus over the course of twelve months, at a time in his development when he was at his most spiritually vulnerable and gathering the experiences he’d need to become a worthy Spirit-Breaker. SGT. JANUS: THE GHOST OF A YEAR will also utilize the multiple-narrator format, but again with a flavor all its own. Expect the fourth book some time in 2015.

In addition to the next two full Sgt. Janus books, I will also be supplying a Janus tale to an upcoming Airship 27 anthology called THE OCCULT DETECTIVES. I was honored and thrilled to be invited to contribute to the collection, and decided to re-visit the online Sgt. Janus tale “The Lost Wife of Thomas Tan” and expand it to twice its original length - in effect, it will be almost a new story. If you’ve read it here in its serialized form on the Spirit-Blog, you’ll find that the longer version will be enhanced with new characters and new situations. There is no set publication date for THE OCCULT DETECTIVES, but I’ll give a shout when it arrives.

One more thing while we’re here: it seems that the narrator of SGT. JANUS RETURNS, Mr. Joshua Hargreaves, has been receiving good marks from readers and a small interest has begun to grow to perhaps see him in his own adventures. As I said before, the future is always in motion, but if this idea intrigues you, well, let me know somehow, either here or on Facebook. I have a few thoughts on how to pull it off, but I must be assured that further tales of Joshua would be welcome.

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You may find the first two Sgt. Janus books and all my other literary projects on my AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Reviews Ahoy!

William Patrick Maynard, author of the new, authorized FU MANCHU novels, says of SGT. JANUS RETURNS, “I’m delighted to see the return of… Sgt. Janus. There is much going on beneath the surface in Beard’s fiction, but that only helps whet the reader’s appetite for more.”

You can read his full review HERE.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Sgt. Janus Review Recruitment Drive Contest

Sgt. Janus wants YOU…for reviews!

You can win your very own Sgt. Janus story by posting a review on How? It’s simple:

The Rules: Just post a review of either SGT. JANUS: SPIRIT-BREAKER or SGT. JANUS RETURNS on Amazon by February 16th, 2014, and you’ll be automatically entered into the Sgt. Janus Review Recruitment Contest. Only one entry per reviewer will be accepted. Reviews must be new as of today, January 19th, 2014 – reviews posted previous to that date will not be eligible to win. Reviews may be of any length and of any opinion on the work, positive or critical, but any review that seems to signify that the reviewer did not actually read the book will be ineligible. After February 16th, one entry will be chosen randomly from a pool of all entries as the winner.

The Prize: An original, Sgt. Janus tale of at least 1500 words and written exclusively for the winner.

The story will be delivered privately by email to the winner and will never be published in any collection by the author or by any other means. The winner may not chose the topic or theme of the story and may also not publish it themselves in any form whatsoever without the express permission of the author. Sgt. Janus and all other characters within the story will remain the exclusive property of the author. The story is meant as a prize only, for the sole entertainment of the winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your reviews!

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Monday, December 30, 2013



Herbert Marshman Pettigrew

Owner, Reale Pictures Inc.


All Departments

It is with great happiness and satisfaction that I am able to announce that we will be re-opening production on A Woman in the City. All departments are to return to work immediately. Please see your supervisors for assignments and our restructured timetable.

We have successfully concluded our dealings with the restaurant and settled on the damages to be paid to the establishment. We regret the unfortunate circumstances that led to this situation, but they were wholly unforeseen by myself and the company’s officers. I wish I could offer a rational explanation as to what was witnessed on that strange and inexplicable day, but I find myself fallen woefully short on that score.

Regardless, Reale Pictures is poised to move forward into a bright future and to put the entire debacle behind us. If anyone in any department is approached by or receives any communication of any sort from the two persons involved in the disruption of filming at the restaurant, please inform myself or Mr. Gayme without delay.

I would also like to express our regret at the loss of Mr. Ashton Clark as Director on A Woman in the City. We have heard that the sanitarium to which he was recently admitted is a pleasant place and we hope that it will serve to soothe his troubled mind and that he will return to us for future productions. We will be announcing his replacement shortly.

Also, I require the Print Department to please forward all existing, developed footage from A Woman in the City to my office, along with a projector.

Yours Truly,

H. M. Pettigrew

You may read all about this troubled motion picture company and their encounter with the Unknown in the upcoming SGT. JANUS RETURNS, out soon from Airship 27 Productions. In the meantime, please consider ordering a copy of the first volume in the Janus series, SGT. JANUS, SPIRIT-BREAKER, at AMAZON.COM.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Most everyone who knows of my Sgt. Janus by now knows that he wouldn't exist if not for William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki the Ghost-Finder. First published over one-hundred years ago, Carnacki's adventures into the Unknown inspired Janus' own crusade against spirits that vex the living. It's difficult to explain in mere words the debt of gratitude I owe to Mr. Hodgson and his inventive hero.

When earlier this year I saw a call for Carnacki submissions for a new volume of adventures - to be published by "Sargasso Sam" Gafford himself, a Hodgson Scholar - I grew fearful of even attempting such a thing. What thing, you ask? Writing a new story concerning a character on who I'd placed so much weight and importance to my own meager attempts to emulate, a situation that eventually I got over and finally made the plunge into Carnacki's dark world of haunts and the haunted. And I'm pretty happy with the results.

My story, "The Haunting of Tranquil House," is now ready for consumption, along with several other and potentially better tales, in CARNACKI: THE NEW ADVENTURES. As Michael Nesmith once said, rush out in a buying frenzy and make this new volume a success for Sam. Here's where you can pick up a copy: AMAZON.COM.

And please, gives us review when you've finished, eh? Writers cannot write in a vacuum.

Look for SGT. JANUS RETURNS to join this new book on the shelves very soon, too.