Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Sgt. Janus Primer

JUST outside the small city of Mount Airy sits a sprawling, patchwork mansion, the home and business office of Sgt. Janus, Spirit-Breaker…

With great and terrible risk to his person and soul, Janus seeks to break the para-physical ties that inexplicably bind the spirits of the dead to the Earth - for an inordinate amount of these wayward phantasms in turn serve to vex the living and make their still-warm existence a living hell.

The sergeant’s strange and oft-times mystifying career keeps him quite busy, so much so that he requires his clients themselves to write their own accounts of his struggles to aid them. SGT. JANUS SPIRIT-BREAKER chronicles eights such stories, including the most difficult challenge yet to Janus’ abilities and fortitude.

Here’s what readers are saying about SGT. JANUS SPIRIT-BREAKER on Amazon:

“While he may deliberately conjure the spirits of authors of Victorian and Edwardian occult fiction before him, Beard's prose is fresh and entirely modern in his, at times, frank and unsettling tales of the wages of his characters' past sins. Each story breezes by and like the best tales told round the campfire, it leaves the reader hungry for more.”

“…an ingenious and inventive romp full of striking images, subtle horrors, and moments of real shock.”

“I felt transported in time, into another era and there were no breaks in the constructed reality. This is a nicely crafted book…”

“I do have one tidbit of advice concerning this tome. DO NOT read it at night before bed…you may be in for one very long, and frightening evening.”

“I found I enjoyed each story more than the one previous…”

“Great atmosphere, spooky hauntings, superior storytelling. Highly recommended.”

“…a very different and inventive approach to storytelling which succeeded well beyond my original expectations.”

AFTER the tumultuous events of the first volume of Sgt. Janus’ adventures, the world discovers what it is like to be without a Spirit-Breaker. Then, one year later, an amnesiac appears in a sleepy little town’s center square, a beautiful and serene woman who is drawn to spirits and sworn to help those who are troubled by them…

SGT. JANUS RETURNS follows the dark and mysterious path of the woman to discover herself and come into an enigmatic inheritance. Her frequently brutal confrontations with the spirit-world are chronicled by a young layabout who swiftly learns that by following the dark lady, he may be in far over his head.

Here’s what readers are saying about SGT. JANUS RETURNS on Amazon:

“Superior supernatural fiction, and one of the most fascinating female characters in the genre.”

“Hang on for the ride, dear reader, through investigations and battles, with the spirit world and the physical, through tribulation and trial. Some questions are answered, some remain mystery, but it all adds up to a great book.”

“…a brilliant follow-up to the previous volume.”

“There is much going on beneath the surface in Beard’s fiction, but that only helps whet the reader’s appetite for more.”

“This book is one of the best New Pulp adventures I have ever read. High praise? It's well deserved. I've enjoyed the author's past works but I really feel that he's elevated his game with this one. I simply can't recommend it high enough!”

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  1. Are you planning to be at Pulpfest in Columbus again this year? I am, and I hope to pick up a copy of SGT. JANUS RETURNS (and, eventually, get around to posting reviews of both books.)

  2. Indeed: I shall be there and doing another reading from my works. And of course, copies of SGT. JANUS RETURNS will be available for purchase at the show, courtesy of the publisher, Airship 27.

    1. Then I look forward to seeing you (and attending your reading if it's on Saturday, the only day I can make it.)

  3. Yes, Saturday's the only day I'll be attending, too.