Saturday, March 7, 2015

An Adventure Team Fiction Primer

It's come to my attention that there may be some small confusion about who's who in my Adventure Team fiction on Kindle Worlds, so I've prepared this Primer to illustrate my cast.

NOTE: This is for my AT fiction only. This does not represent Hasbro's intentions or those of any other writer. This is purely to show with pictures which of the characters in my stories represent the different GI Joe AT action figures.

GI Joe: Ex-soldier, now Adventure Team Commander. Smart, strong, capable, but a lot of heart, too.
Marcus: Joe's right-hand man, been with him the longest. He's the soul of the Adventure Team, cool and composed, a steady hand in times of turmoil.
Sarge: The team's expert pilot. Strong and silent type, but someone you'd want at your side heading into danger.
Red: The salty sailor, mouthy and opinionated, but deep as the ocean.
Greg: Young and resourceful, the archaeology expert who's taken recruits under his wing the same as Marcus did for him.
Kent: One of the team's "beardless wonders" along with Greg. A wizard with the AT equipment, and a mechanical marvel.
Glenn: The astronaut, light-hearted and a music-lover, but always with an eye on the big picture.
Mike: The young recruit with the record collection...
Or is this Mike? Hmm...

You can find the entire Adventure Team in my new novella, available at Kindle Worlds for just $1.99

GI Joe and Adventure Team (c)Hasbro. All else (c)Jim Beard

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