Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Spirit is Willing...

…but the new Sgt. Janus book isn’t quite ready yet.

Things are proceeding nicely on it, though, with the entire manuscript by Yours Truly done, as well as the interior illustrations by Zach Brunner. Now it’s down to our dear friend artist Jeff Herndon to whip up another winner of a cover and we’re off to the spirit races. Stay tuned, Janus Junkies; as soon as there’s more word of SGT. JANUS RETURN’s imminent arrival, I’ll be passing it along. As I’ve said before, the book is somewhat different from the first volume, and completes the story of what I’ve come to think of “Phase One” of Roman Janus’ strange career. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

Here’s another cool bit o’ news: I’ve been asked to contribute a Sgt. Janus story to an upcoming collection of “occult detective” tales from Airship 27, publishers of, yes, SGT. JANUS, SPIRIT-BREAKER. I offered to expand and expound upon “The Lost Wife of Thomas Tan,” which I serialized right here on the Spirit-Blog. Now, this is not going to be just a slight revision – basically, the story as you know it will almost double in length and illuminate far more details of Thomas Tan’s plight. Stay tuned for more word on this one, too.

And…with all this talk of Janus swirling about, I can’t help but start dreaming up the plot of the third full volume of the sergeant’s adventures. It’s tentatively titled SGT. JANUS: ON THE DARK TRACK and it places Our Hero in another new environment, one I’m full steam ahead on with excitement. Look for it sometime in 2014…

That’s all for now, chums – keep your spirits up!

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