Saturday, January 12, 2013


A wee tiny excerpt from "Dig Deep the Well," the first story in SGT. JANUS RETURNS, to be published later this year by Airship 27 Productions:

"Across from her, over the hole and suffused with a queer light, was a man.

"I rubbed at my eyes – you know, like someone who cannot believe their own eyes is supposed to do. I looked again.

"It wasn’t a man, as I first thought. It was more like the…the absence of a man. A man-shaped cut-out through which I was peering. I couldn’t comprehend it; it hurt my eyes. Then, its edges blurred and wavered, like the rays of heat on a blistering day will distort the landscape. It hovered above the area that I had dug up, wafting as if in a breeze that the rest of us could not feel."

All content (c)2013 Jim Beard

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