Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir,

After much careful thought I feel very strongly that I must add my voice to the growing number that is currently calling for the wrecking ball to visit the property at No. 4 Raynham Road. While the ill-pedigreed structure was occupied it was an eyesore and a blight on the landscape, but now as it is allegedly abandoned by its owner, it should be quickly razed so as not to become a haven for hooligans and opiate-users. As a community, we should act and act swiftly on this matter.

My family has lived for multiple generations on land that sits adjacent to that of the so-called “Janus House,” and we have more recently suffered for that unfortunate proximity. Roman Janus was a man of questionable background and even more mysterious and dubious profession and his habit of bringing all manner of “clients” to his residence brought to my mind many questions of impropriety and even possible illegalities. Why, once we even witnessed gypsies camping out on his front lawn! Add to that the unexplained noises at all hours of the day and night and the rumors of a woman living in the house with Janus – unchaperoned! – and you have a picture of a situation that could not stand. And, now, I say that the house itself should not stand if its master no longer cares enough for it to occupy it and maintain it. Though, of course, I say he did not maintain it even when he sat in residence there.

Is it not the responsibility of the people of the good town of Mount Airy, a respectable and proper community, to take this matter in hand? I sit on several committees and plan to bring the question up as many times as is necessary so that people will come to realize that we have an opportunity to correct a great injustice to our fair town – and to its citizens. “Janus House” must be demolished. And if it harbors anything of value within its walls, and this I highly doubt, then that property must be rightfully seized by the town and sold as recompense for Mount Airy’s long-standing troubles with Roman Janus. And if that man objects, then he should be brought to task for the obvious disregard in which he holds our community.

Too long has Janus presented his mummery and charlatanism as practices for which we should be thankful to him – let him keep his “ghosts” and “spirits” to himself, and allow decent people to continue their lives unbesmirched by his brand of “service.” And if he has truly abandoned his property, then let it be torn down and bring beauty and tranquility back to the landscape.


Franklin Parton III

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  1. Aha, the good neighbor mob raises its ugly head. Next come the torches and pitchforks. Sure hope the good Sergeant comes home soon or there won't be any home to come back to.

  2. Having dispatched their share of patchwork monsters, werewolves and invisible men, they're now turning to poor, humble sergeants who only want to eke out a small living...